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Coralie Satta

“Frenchness Guaranteed”

Coralie Satta is a remarkable combination of talent, and creativity with a delightful French flair. At the age of two when she began cooking with her mother and grandmother in her home in Marseille, she developed a lifelong passion for the culinary arts. Many years later that passion drew her back to France to study with Chef Piro before returning to Tucson. In 1992, Ghini’s (a nickname given to her by her father) (pronounced the same as the “Ghini” in Lambourghini) French Caffe was opened at the northwest corner of Prince and Campbell. Using only the freshest, and locally sourced, natural ingredients to create delicious meals in a "welcome home" atmosphere, that has become her trademark.

As many “regulars” will attest to, Chef Coralie is famous for her award winning breakfast and lunch menus, a beautiful taste of Southern France in Southern Arizona. Featuring a huge list of Craft Coffees, Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, Craft cocktails, Fresh Baked Breads, Cakes, Pies, Pastries and Cookies, with a cooled and heated Pet Friendly Patio. Ghini's is famous for her  "Croque Madame""Fresh Squeezed Lavender Lemonade""French Onion Soup" and award winning signature dish:  "Eggs Provençal".  The Southern French Born Father and Daughter duo share a space for you to enjoy the fruits of their craft. 


Their extensive, scratch made Brunch and Lunch menus, kissed with French Provence Flair, will keep you coming back for more!

Ghini's is open Tuesday through Sunday 7:00am-3:00pm.

The Adjoining bakery (run by her French father) is open Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm

More About Me, Coralie Satta ~ Aka “Chef Ghini”

I was born in Marseille, France and came to the United States very young. My first love for the culinary arts occurred at the age of two, in France, where I helped my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. My career began at the age of fourteen as a pantry chef at a well known Tucson restaurant. A few years later I worked at a private dinner club in Vermont. I studied under the acclaimed Chef Piro, of Marseille, to perfect my culinary skills. Now I share all of my love and appreciation for the art of simple and fresh Southern French cuisine with you at Ghini’s French Caffe.

“My philosophy of Ghini’ to emphasize freshness & simplicity. We only use whole & locally grown foods, creating dishes that taste amazing and are good for you…Mind, Body & Soul”

I look forward to your company,

– Chef Ghini

Pet Friendly!

Ghini’s is a restaurant fueled by love and passion, which is evident with every morsel that hits your lips. A quaint little cafe that serves Breakfast, Lunch and Fresh Baked goods, and has a full service and amazing French Bakery attached. Ghini’s is and has always been dog friendly, since its inception in 1992, as it is done in France. They are also Tucson's first "Official Pet Friendly Patio" as designated by the city of Tucson. Ghini’s has a very diverse menu and can accommodate every culinary whimsy. A boutique wine list, all imported, is the icing on the cake! Ghini’s has won many culinary awards of excellence and has been written up in papers nationwide, locally and world wide, recently winning two gold awards for best Breakfast, and best Cafe. You won’t regret your stop to this beautiful little cafe.  Bring your beautiful pups to our patio and enjoy your Breakfast, Lunch or Baked Goods with your best friend, a "Pampered Pet" menu is also available daily for your furry best friend, at Ghini's French Caffe! Bon Appetit :)

Awards we have won!

Ghini’s has recently been awarded several Awards

 Tucson Lifestyle Culinary Awards:

  • Best Cafe-Gold award,

  • Best Breakfast- Gold Award,

  • Best French- Gold Award

  • Best Cafe- Gold Award,

  • Best Brunch- Silver Award,

  • Best Desserts- Silver Award,

  • Best Salads- Silver Award,

  • Best Al Fresco- Silver Award

  • Best Bistro- Silver Award

  • Tucson Weekly's Best of Tucson

  • Best French- decades of wins

Thank you Tucson for your love, support and your votes :)

We love you!

Groups Chef Ghini dedicates her time to!

Boys and Girls Club of Arizona

Chef Ghini has created a Culinary Program for the Boys and Girls Club of Arizona. She donates her time and food every month, teaching these wonderful children how to become more self sufficient in feeding themselves in a healthy and simple way.  She teaches them how to use every day ingredients to make easy meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many of these children do not have anyone to cook for them and resort to eating a bag of chips as a meal replacement. If you would like to volunteer or find out ways to help out with this organization here is a link

Junior Achievement of Southern Arizona

Chef Ghini teaches Junior Achievement of Southern Arizona classes. Every year she goes to a Tucson school and teaches a series of classes, that were designed by Junior Achievement. These children, typically 12yrs old and under learn about the economic reasons for staying in school. Junior Achievements’ goal is to help prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. In learning these lessons, and putting them into quantifiable action, our students become intimately familiar with economics and finances. They become better prepared to assume their role in the practical world of work and responsible citizenship. If you want to volunteer or donate to this organization here is a link.

Tucson Originals Restaurants

Chef Ghini has been a long standing board member for the Tucson Originals Restaurants. An exclusive group of locally owned and operated restaurants that support local economy, virility and growth. Formed in 1999, the Tucson Originals have been the driving force and model for similar groups all across America who are working to preserve the culinary spirit of their communities. Tucson Original restaurants all share one common bond – they exemplify the independent spirit and the rich culinary heritage that is Tucson. They are your neighbors and friends who contribute endlessly to the betterment of our community. You will find them represented at countless charitable events and outreach efforts throughout the year. They are the first to give when there is a need. We hope you will give them your support and enjoy their offerings in return. Follow the Tucson Originals On Social Media to stay in the loop with all the events and restaurant happenings, their Website for more information on how to support your local restaurants 

Tucson Values Teachers

Chef Ghini is also a strong supporter of Tucson Values Teachers! Tucson Values Teachers is a regional initiative determined to prove that we should not just talk about the importance of improving education, but must unify in action to Retain, Recruit and Reward our K-12 teachers. The actions TVT takes recognize the critical role of teachers in our region and value the vital influence they have on Tucson’s future. The Three R’s: Tucson Value Teachers isn’t just another apple-for-a-teacher public campaign. It is about fostering and encouraging the collaboration, optimism and support necessary to Retain, Recruit and Reward K-12 teachers who, every day, nurture and educate the nation’s presidents, doctors, artists, legislators and teachers of tomorrow. We’re aiming to transform the way our region values its most important asset: the men and women who spend more time with our children than many parents can. Here's How to Get Involved page, to see what you can do.

Southern Arizona Humane Society and Pima Animal Care Center

Chef Ghini has always been a huge supporter of the Southern Arizona Humane Society and Pima Animal Care Center. We donate countless hours and gift certificates to these wonderful organizations. We want to be the voice for these voiceless and innocent creatures! Every day, the staff and volunteers of these organizations are charged with providing the best possible care for the animals brought to us. Regardless of temperament, health, age, or species, it is our responsibility to create a healthy environment in which the animal receives the humane and loving treatment it deserves. These animal care facilities are always in need of support whether it be physical help, financial support or advocacy.. If you have the time and the means please invest your time and money with these incredible organizations. Ways you can help Humane Society  and Pima Animal Care Center

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