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Beer Menu

Beer Menu

Kronenbourg 1664 - Alsace, France   4.50

Founded in 1664, golden blond, with a generous aroma, smooth 

and creamy texture. Great with lighter dishes. ~ 5.2% alcohol


Hipsterville, Hazy IPA - Barrio Brewing Tucson, U.S.A   4.50

Tropical fruit forward with complex hops, modest bitterness ~ 6.4%

Barrio Blonde, American Blonde Ale - Barrio Brewing Tucson, U.S.A   4.50

Clean crisp light malt profile. Southern Arizona's best selling craft beer ~ 4.7%

Wine Menu

White Wine (1/2 Price bottles every Wednesday)

La Crema. Chardonnay Monterey

Glass  12   |   Bottle  40

La Fiera. Pinot Grigio Italy

Glass  10   |   Bottle  38

Cant decide? Try one of our wine Flights

Pick any three wines by the glass, make your own sampler   20

Rosé Wine (1/2 Price bottles every Wednesday)

Mont Gravet. Rosé Provence, France

Glass  10   |   Bottle  38

Enjoy our truly delicious Rosé Wine, at Ghini’s French Caffe, where Rosé season can be enjoyed March to October

Red Wine (1/2 Price bottles every Wednesday)

Santa Julia Plus. Malbec Argentina, Organic

Glass  10   |   Bottle  38

Cant decide? Try one of our wine Flights

Pick any three wines by the glass, make your own sampler   20


Glass  13    |   Split  17  |   La Marca. Prosecco   Italy     Bottle  40

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut -Champagne France       Bottle  90

Veuve Clicquot Brut (Yellow Label) -Champagne France      Bottle  90


Brunch without Booze is just a sad late breakfast

Ghini’s Gourmet Mimosas

Glass 11  |  Small Carafe 20  |  Large Carafe 35

BOTTOMLESS Classic Mimosas

35/person for 4 glasses, then 1¢ each


Freshly-squeezed Orange Juice | Champagne


Cranberry Juice | Orange Juice | Champagne


Grapefruit Juice | Orange Juice | Champagne


Pineapple Juice | Orange Juice | Champagne


Strawberry Puree | Orange Juice | Champagne


Lavender-Infused Orange Juice | Champagne

Peach Bellini

Peach Nectar | Champagne

Blood Orange

Blood Orange Juice | Champagne


Grenadine | Orange Juice | Champagne

Mimosas of the World

Glass 12  |  Small Carafe 25  |  Large Carafe 40

French Mimosa

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, Chambord & Champagne

Mexican Mimosa

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, Tequila & Champagne

Russian Mimosa

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, Vodka & Champagne

Irish Mimosa

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, Whiskey & Champagne


Craft Cocktails & Fancy-mosas 13


Breakfast Margarita-mosa 

Champagne, Tequila, Oj, Lemon, Salt


Kir Royale  15

Champagne and Chambord

Caramel Apple Pie Mimosa  (sooooo yummy!)

Apple Juice & Champagne, topped with Whipped Cream and Salted Caramel

Lavender French 75

Gin, French Lavender, Champagne, Lemon   


Grapefruit, tequila, simple sryup, soda

Tequila Sunrise 

Fresh orange juice, tequila, grenadine

Michelada  9

Made with Local Craft Beer with fresh Citrus & Spiced Clamato

Scratch Bloody Marys

Tomato juice & secret spices in: Original, Mesquite, Creole, or Sriracha flavors

Glass 12  |  Small Carafe 25  |  Large Carafe 40

Seasonal Eggnog

Scratch made creamy eggnog with just the right amount of spice

Eggnog with rum glass  12

Eggnog latte glass          7

Virgin Eggnog glass        7

Quart of Eggnog to take home    21


An aperitif is a before-dinner drink meant to stimulate the appetite. The term originates from the Latin word, ‘apertitiuvum indicating ‘opener.’ In France, it is pronounced aperitif, and in Italy, aperitivo.

A digestif is a beverage served at the end of a meal that is meant to help one digest his meal. Clearly, the root of the term is the same as that of the word “digestion.” Digestifs and aperitifs are meant to bookend a meal, with an aperitif at the beginning and a digestif at the end. The terms come from the French language.

Pastis- a classic Southern French Aperitif with strong anise flavor. A delicious must try!

(Classic) Anise, ice & water (Perroquet) Anise, mint, ice, water 

(Mauresque) Anise, almond syru, ice, water (Tomato) Anise, grenadine, ice, water

Aperol Spritz

Aperol is an exotic infusion of sweet orange peel, hints of mandarin orange and an array of herbs and spices, with a splash of champagne and bubbly water garnished with a fresh orange slice.

Aperol Bloodhound

Aperol on ice with grapefruit juice, vodka and sparkling water, garnished with a fresh orange slice

Cocktails Menu

Bubbles n such

Wine Spritzer (red or white wine with sprite)

Wine Bubbly (red or white wine with seltzer)



Hot Toddy (hot tea with lemon, honey and rum) 

Eggnog virgin (seasonal)

Eggnog w/rum (seasonal)

Eggnog Latte (our latte infused with Ghini’s house made Eggnog & rum)

Chocolate Mint Holidaze (coffee, chocolate, mint, rum & whipped cream)



Lavender Lemon Drop (Lavender sea salt, and hard lemonade, seasonBasil Lime gimlet (Fresh basil, vodka, lime, and soda water)

Bloody Mary (original, mequite or creole)

Lavender Citronade 

Greyhound (grapefruit juice w/ vodka)

Salty Dawg (grapefruit juice w/ vodka in a salt rimmed glass)

Italian Greyhound (grapefruit juice w/ vodka & a splash of sprite)

Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice)


Gin Fizz (gin, club soda, cherries & a splash of lemon)

Gin and Tonic



Margarita (with or without a salt rim)



Irish coffee (coffee w/ Irish cream syrup, whipped cream & Whiskey)

Make mine a double or top shelf, additional charge*

Recovery Beverages

Recovery Beverage will balance your electrolytes and restore hydration. Recovery Beverage also speeds replenishment of energy in your body with its rich supply of antioxidants and essential amino acids, that get depleted during exercise or times of stress. Recovery Beverage can even help you recover faster from the common hangover.

*Add a scoop of Recovery Beverage to any of your favorite beverages!

Orange Cream

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice with a serving of Vanilla Recovery Beverage-Staff favorite!! Served chilled or frozen.

Chocolate Recovery Milk

Milk with a serving of Chocolate Recovery Beverage and milk topped with fresh whipped cream. Served chilled or frozen.

Vanilla Recovery Milk

Milk with a serving of Vanilla Recovery Beverage and milk topped with fresh whipped cream. Served chilled or frozen.

Wine Menu
Cocktails Menu
Recovery Beverages
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